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Unlock the power of automated 5-star reviews and elevate your online reputation with the Google Review Playbook, maximizing patient trust and attracting new business effortlessly.

Let's fix the performance of your Google reviews and drive success in local search.

Google Business Profile ​

Profile Maximized: Unleash Your Business’s Online Potential.

Activate Your Database

Database Revival: Reigniting Connections for Maximum Growth.​

Automate Your Marketing​

Streamline, Automate, and Optimize Your Marketing Efforts.​

The Google Review Playbook

Effortlessly Generate 5-Star Reviews and Build Trust with Your Customers.

We will optimize your Google Business Profile, run a database reactivation campaign and automate guaranteed reviews without having to spend money on ads.

Boost your social profile
with Google Posts

Manage all of your conversations across Google, Facebook, Instagram, text, and voicemail with a single inbox – and never miss out on new leads again.

Generate reviews
on auto-pilot

Witness an extraordinary surge in your review count with Paramount MD’s cutting-edge integration to Google’s private API, empowering you to effortlessly send automated review requests after every appointment or purchase.

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