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Centralize Your Communications
with The Pro Plan.

5-to-9 Paramount MD Assistants

  • Efficient Call Handling: Our dedicated assistant ensures every call is attended to promptly, enhancing the patient experience.
  • Live Online Chat Transfers: Seamlessly transfer chats to our experts for immediate assistance, delivering top-notch customer service.
  • Bookings and Appointments: Schedule appointments effortlessly during calls, improving patient convenience and satisfaction.
  • Call Recordings: Keep a record of conversations for quality assurance and to ensure exceptional customer service.
  • Multi-Channel Consolidation: Manage all communication channels in one place, including email, SMS, phone, voicemail, and messaging platforms, for a seamless and responsive customer service experience.
  • Comprehensive Call Management: We handle both inbound and outbound calls, ensuring that every patient inquiry is addressed promptly.
  • Appointment Management: Our team manages appointments, making it easy for patients to schedule visits and enhancing their overall experience.
  • Insurance Plan Verification: Verify insurance plans to streamline patient billing processes, contributing to efficient and transparent customer service.
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