Missing front office calls? Let’s fix that.​

We provide a full-service appointment scheduling solution to medical practices and physician networks seeking to increase revenue, improve patient experience, and lower costs.

Introducing Call Back Pro: A cutting-edge cost effective solution laser-focused on providing invaluable support to your front office by efficiently managing call volumes.

Optimize Front Office

Maximize Opportunities: Boost Conversions and Retain Patients with Call Back Pro’s Seamless Communication Solution.

Automate Call Backs

We create and manage automations that streamline front office calls.

The Complete Opposite
of a Traditional Call Center.


We answer your missed calls, take messages, and work in your EHR. Patients can schedule, confirm, cancel and reschedule appointments so you never miss a call again.

Never miss a patient call again.

Private medical practices encounter a notable challenge with a call miss rate of approximately 42%. Moreover, out of the answered calls, only about 28% result in scheduled appointments, contributing to a substantial monthly revenue loss, averaging around $25,000 per office.

Nonetheless, resolving this issue presents a clear and highly advantageous path. New patients are actively reaching out to your practice; they simply require effective management. This is precisely where our expertise proves invaluable.

"It's high time someone addressed this issue. With an automated system providing efficient communication, investing in a solution for handling numerous missed calls becomes invaluable."
Chris Bouchholdt
Practice Manager

Value Driven

Appointment Setting Services and Call Overflow Right In Your EHR
It’s the complete opposite of a traditional “call center”. We answer your missed calls, take messages, and work in your EHR. Patients can schedule, confirm, cancel and reschedule appointments so you never miss a call again.

Analyze 30 Days of Calls

Identify Gaps

Develop Custom Call Script

Transfer Calls To Our Appointment Services

How appointment setting and call overflow works for our clients.

Every appointment-setting initiative starts with a thorough analysis of your office’s phone activity over a 30-day period. This evaluation allows us to pinpoint missed calls and assess the handling of answered calls by your in-house team.

We scrutinize various aspects, including patient greetings, tone of communication, the use of first names, and symptom-related discussions, among others. Based on our findings, we create a personalized call script, subject to your approval.

Once approved, we seamlessly transition these calls to our dedicated Appointment Services Center.

With our approach, 3 out of 4 patient calls turn into an appointment.

Every patient conversation is different. And every patient conversation requires empathy. Our Appointment Specialists provide a space to make the caller feel heard and understood.

By connecting on a human emotional level, we achieve an average 72% appointment conversion rate compared to the industry standard of 28%.

Our appointment setting and call overflow services are HIPAA compliant.

No worries about compliance. Our highly trained HIPAA-certified callers can make calls for scheduling and appointments.

This ensures you keep a steady stream of patients while remaining legally compliant with healthcare standards.

Appointment Setting and Medical Office Overflow Answering Service

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